7th May -8th May 2018


Toronto, Canada

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Smart Cities Expo World Forum combines the power of collocated conference with state-of-the-art expo floor in order to educate people towards smart cities and urban planning technologies, strive for innovation, promote business and connect thousands of attendees from around the globe. We aim to provide a platform where public business managers, directors, urban administrators, international authorities responsible for developing urban policies can offer their services for the development of smart cities. The conference program covers Smart City Vertical Applications such as Smart Grid, Smart Transportation, Smart Health, Smart Building Management Systems, Enterprise IoT, Fog computing, Big Data Analytics and Smart Governance.

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Conference Schedule / Smart Cities Expo World Forum 2018, Toronto, Canada

Ray Boisvert

Day 1 – Keynote I

Cyber Security - How to Survive
Mike Williams

Day 1 – Keynote II

Towards Citizen Centric Smart Toronto City

Shawn Slack

Day 1 – Keynote III

A Smart City is one that plans for people and place.
Michelle Holland, Manu Sud, Rob Meikle, Lisa Allaire & Dr. Hafiz Yasar Lateef

Interactive Panel Discussion

“Smart Grids, Sustainable Cities and Innovations in Energy” 

Yvonne Yeung

Day 1 – Keynote IV

How does IoT network bring energy efficiencies, energy productivity and better sustainability solutions to benefit cities & citizens?  
Michael Kolm

Day 1 – Keynote V

How the IoT Is changing logistics and the supply chain
Vicky Bennett

Day 1 – Keynote VI

Developing a vision for a smart society
Dan McGillivray

Day 1 – Keynote VII

Smart Cities: An effective response to the challenges of climate change.
Dr. Hafiz Yasar Lateef

Day 1 – Keynote VIII

Role of Block Chain in Smart Cities
Jeff Stark

Day 1 – Keynote IX

Information Security Solutions for a Rapidly Changing World
Hashmat Rohian

Day 1 – Keynote X

Leading digital transformation from the inside
Matthew Boscariol

Day 2 – Keynote I

Smart Decisions, Smarter Cities – How Federal and State Policy will help shape Smart Canada Cities      
Dr. Hafiz Yasar Lateef

Day 2 – Keynote II

Towards Smart Utility Networks   
Paul Hanley

Day 2 – Keynote III

The Future of Security and Privacy, Entering the Information Security Workspace  

Day 2 – Keynote VII

How Fog Computing & Big Data Analytics can Pave the Way for Building Future Smart Cities      

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Smart Workshops

”Critical Design Thinking of Smart Cities Applications


Innovative Cyber Security & Privacy for Internet of Things: Strategies, Technologies & Implementations


Workshop on Smart Health & Wellness: The Emerging Models


Workshop on The Role of BlockChain in designing Smart Cities Vertical Applications


Workshop on Smart Building Management through Augmented Reality


Smart Utilities Workshop


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Date: 7th – 8th May 2018 Venue: Toronto, Canada.

Date: 3th-4th Sept 2018 Venue: Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Center, Australia.

Date: 26th – 27th November 2018 Venue: Metropolitan Hotel Dubai, UAE.

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